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We are one of the manufacturing of energy efficient pumps and motors with its latest series of new advanced technology pumps has emerged as a prestigious brand in domestic and international markets. We believe in quality, ethics and customer orientation that drives us to work our way up to become world class. Quality and energy efficiency are our hallmarks that instills pride in us as a pioneer in manufacture of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors.


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We have committed to help our clients reach their goals, to personalizing their works experiences, to providing an problem free works, to do works without any interruption.

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Our Vision

To become a company that constantly strives for quality and customer satisfaction by providing best pumping solutions.

Our Mission

To work relentlessly towards coming closer to our vision statement by offering best working environment and training.

Our Values

To empower the workforce to offer products and services that exceeds customer expectations by providing value for money.

We are always one step ahead to help our clients.
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