Pumps & Blowers

Sea Water Pumps

ASME B73.1, Process Pump – QCG1

Thermoplastic Lined, Process Pump – QCG2

Thermoplastic Close, Coupled Pump – QCG2

Solid Thermoplastic, Process Pump – QCG2

FRP, Process Pump – QCG5

Magnetic sealless(Small range) – QMD1

Magnetic sealless(High Head) – QMD2

Magnetic sealless(High Flow) – QMD3

Magnetic sealless(Plastic Lined) – QMD4

Magnetic sealless(Self Priming) – QMD5

Process metallic Self priming pump – QCS4

Process plastic Self priming pump – QCS5

Magnetic drive (Thermoplastic) – QMM1

Non clog pump – QPP1

Non clog medium consistency – QPP2

Degassing self priming
pump – QPP3

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