Pumps & Blowers

Sludge Pumps

Medium duty metal lined slurry pump – QAG1

Medium duty rubber lined slurry pump – QAG2

Heavy duty metal lined slurry pump – QAG3

Heavy duty rubber lined slurry pump – QAG4

Dredge pump – QAG5

Froth pump – QAF1

Self priming slurry pump – QAS1

Cantilever slurry pump ­ Metal – QAS2

Cantilever slurry pump – Rubber – QAS3

Submersible abrasive particle pump – QAS4

Sewage submersible pump – QSF1

Cutter pump – QSF2

Small range submersible pump – QSF3

Submersible axial flow pump – QSF4

Submersible mixed flow  pump – QSF5

Cantilever pump – QSF6

Turbine pump – QST1

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